About Us

About Us


CEO & Cofounder

The application we’re working on is based on the everyday needs of our society. Our team is composed of inspirational people who aren’t afraid to take risks and devote themselves in a project they believe in.


Project Manager

My entire career has been revolving around product/project management. However, for the first time, I can say with ease that the project I’ve been working on makes sense to me. There is no better motivation than believing in what you’re actually doing.


CFO & Cofounder

In a sharing economy, I see big opportunities. The more people there are on this planet, the more options there are. Babysitting.today is one of many apps that effectively connect supply and demand.

The key to our team’s success lies in its diversity.


Customer Service Specialist

I’m glad to be part of this project that daily helps countless young families with children. My task is to ensure communication and have the app reach the people who need it.



I am a big supporter of the „be your own master“ credo and Babysitting.today is an awesome way to use your precious time effectively, whether you’re a babysitter or a busy parent.


Graphic Designer

I think we’re living in a great era. With modern technology we can elegantly combine old principles and services and give them a whole new dimension that will satisfy the users‘ needs.



As a mother of two, I know what parenting is all about. I appreciate the options that the application brings to parents. I also insist on the application’s security in all possible aspects.